Dust Flowers

Прашливи Цвеќиња

Zemlja / Country: Makedonija

Godina / Year: 2021

Trajanje / Runtime: 18:00

Produkcija / Production: Fakultet za dramski umetnosti Skopje

Reditelj / Director: Miroslav Ilikj

Scenario / Screenplay: Miroslav Ilikj

Producenti / Producers: Miroslav Ilikj

Direktor fotografije / Cinematography: Dona Dameska

Montaža / Editing: Miroslav Ilikj

Scenografija / Production design:

Kostimi / Costumes:

Dizajn zvuka / Sound design: Darko Spasovski


Sara Anastasovska, Stefan Vujisic, Arna Shijak, Hristina Cvetanoska


Lea is forced to stop taking her anti-depressive medication to become pregnant. Joseph, her husband, is not on the same path as her after he gets fired from work. With the course of events, the situation worsens as Lea is more disconnected and Joseph becomes more passive.


Born in 1998 (23 years old) in Skopje, Macedonia. Eager, self-taught editor, cinematographer and director with a great passion for filmmaking and photography. After finishing high school, I immediately started working as a video editor. Currently, I work as a full-time video editor, and freelance cinematographer and director.


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